About Us


Mazeppa Productions is dedicated to the art of musical theatre. What you will see on our stage is simple – exciting, vibrant, and thought-provoking works of musical theatre. Some of our productions will be innovative productions of old favorites, some will be developmental productions of new works, and others will be productions meant to introduce the art form to a whole new generation. No matter what you see, we guarantee you will be exhilarated and challenged.

Mazeppa Cabaret - 326

As for our unique name, we thought what better place to look for name inspiration than the quintessential backstage musical, Gypsy – arguably the finest musical ever written. In the musical, Louise (soon to be Gypsy Rose Lee) meets three strippers who teach her the art of performance (“You Gotta Have A Gimmick”). Miss Mazeppa, the first of these strippers, proclaims that to succeed in this world, you need to be unique and dynamic, looking at things in a brand new way. We loved that advice so much that we took her name as our own!

Meet the Board Members

  • Susan Barry
  • Marie Connolly, Treasurer
  • Tiara Greene
  • Robert Harris
  • Rob Henry
  • Patrick Kiley
  • Ryan Leichtweisz
  • Kyle McLemore
  • Sam Nagel
  • Betsy Oliphant
  • Matt O’Malley, Vice President
  • Anne Marie Scalies
  • Brian Seaman, President
  • Annette Tancredi, Secretary


– To produce contemporary musicals or reinvent classic musicals
– To introduce audiences to lesser-known musicals
– To workshop and develop new musicals
– To showcase emerging musical theatre artists
– To educate young people in musical theatre
– To celebrate musical theatre as an American art form

Guiding Principles
– We believe that theatre is a visceral experience that unites us in our humanity and inspires us to transform our lives
– We are committed to presenting theatrical works that speak to the hearts and lives of our audience members
– We are dedicated to working with theatrical artists who bring a passion and commitment to their craft – a passion and commitment that manifests itself on stage
– We are drawn to theatre that challenges us to confront and explore aspects of our humanity
– We believe that the most powerful theatrical experiences enlighten, entertain, and educate

To evolve into a thriving, professional theatre that attracts, talented, passionate theatre artists who share our belief in the transformative power of musical theatre

Find Us

Mazeppa Productions is proud to present at Christ Church Neighborhood House in Philadelphia.